Creating Flexibility in Credit Management

No two debt mediation cases are alike. That’s why, at FlexCredit, we always tailor our approach to the specific situation. We guarantee a flexible, customised solution.

About us

How is your Credit Management organised? How does your company prevent debtor default? How do you ensure that your outstanding invoices are successfully cleared? The problem of unpaid invoices has become an increasing concern for companies. FlexCredit offers various forms of assistance that will allow you to find a solution for this problem, ranging from screening potential clients to collecting outstanding invoices, on an amicable basis or through legal action if required. The company works with leading players in the field of Credit Control, business intelligence and legal support to ensure effective follow-up and collection of your receivables as well as the means to exert the necessary pressure to secure payment.

Our partners

A clear, transparent range of services

One stop shop

FlexCredit offers you an all-round solution for all aspects of your Credit & Collections department. From collection of your outstanding claims to training your staff.

Unique link with our business intelligence

Using the largest business intelligence databases allows us to stay a step ahead in every case we take on.

A no-nonsense culture

A clear, transparent range of services so that you always know exactly what to expect in advance. Would you prefer a different approach for a specific case? We are happy to adjust our workflows to your requirements!

Online portal

Openness is the basis for all of our relationships and is one of our core principles. That’s why FlexCredit works with an online portal that offers you a complete overview of our working processes and the status of your cases.

Sector-specific collectors

Every sector is different. That’s why we work with sector-specific collectors who understand your sector and can act accordingly.

Transparent settlement

We’re here to make your job easier. No more multiple invoices or delayed pass-through payments. A straightforward settlement is our commitment.

Our clients

  • “A flexible, efficient, customised solution is their trademark”
    De Persgroep Publishing
  • “FlexCredit is the most complete and efficient solution we’ve come across.”



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